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Everything your pet needs and nothing else!

Kansas City's freshest, most nutritious pet food with none of the junk fillers. Be your pet's HERO!

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Nutrition you can trust

Better ingredients mean healthier pets. Formulated by the best nutritionists in the industry, every ingredient is chosen to make your pet thrive!

So easy and affordable

Did you know you feed less when you feed healthy? You can feed a 50lb dog for as little as $23 a month on average. Free delivery, auto ship and an amazing loyalty program are just a few other perks we throw in.

Love Longer

Simply put, better food = better health. This equates to longevity, less vet visits and more quality time with your best friend.

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What others are saying about us.

My husband swears this food is like the fountain of youth.

Lori D

We are new customers, and we are delighted! Our multiple dog family of many sizes and ages loves the food, and our senior dog with many health issues has been eating great for the first time in a long while. Thanks!

Grace K

My personal adult dogs and every litter I have fostered love, love, love Nature’s Select food! I love that I do not have to lug big bags of food from the stores! Delivery right to my doorstep!

David Y

Great quality! We switched when we found out our dog had cancer and i researched better quality foods. He lived 2 years past the vet's prognosis for his type of cancer. And their customer service cannot be beat!

Grace K

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Many pet food companies intentionally mislead you. Here are a few examples.

Real meat is the #1 ingredient

  • So many bags of pet food say this and it simply isn't honest. All pet food ingredients are listed by weight prior to cooking. When a meat (like chicken) is listed as the first ingredient it isn't really the first ingredient because it loses 70-80% moisture weight once cooked, making it more like the 5th, 6th or even further down in the ingredient list. So what are you really feeding your pet?
  • Nature's Select uses dehydrated meat that is ground up into meal. This has 300% more protein by weight than raw meat making meat truly the #1 ingredient.

Splitting Ingredients

  • If you see multiple versions of the same ingredient, the food you are looking at is being dishonest. For instance if you see corn gluten, corn bran and corn flour, once you add those together corn is most likely the main ingredient in that food.
  • Once again Nature's Select is different. We don't use cheap fillers and junk ingredients to boost our profits. Only nutritionally superior food sources make it into our bags.


  • Dogs are color blind so why would a pet food company put colorings in the food that have been shown to cause serious health concerns? Foods that are colored will typically contain Red 40, Iron oxide (rust) and other colorings that have no place in your pet's diet.
  • The only things going into Nature's Select foods are ingredients that make your pet healthier. Meat, healthy veggies, low glycemic fruit, pre & probiotics, the best vitamin and minerals available and even ingredients that have been proven to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

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