This month marks 26 years of business! 

Our team is so thankful to all of our customers, past and present, for supporting our family-owned company and for contributing to our overall success over the past 26 years. We thank you for your business and are so grateful to each and every one of you! 


Two important trends lead them to explore the pet food business; an increasing public awareness of healthier pet food, and an increasing desire for shopping convenience due to more households of two working adults. The next step was to create a pet food line to satisfy the clamor for a higher nutritional standard and to incorporate the convenience of free home delivery. With these in mind, Paul set out to build his pet food business.

The first challenge on the agenda was to find a pet food supplier and formulate a super-premium pet food for both dogs and cats that was an original recipe, unlike any others on the market at the time. Paul needed to compete with the well-known national premium pet food brands as well as deliver at a competitive price. This was no easy task but he was determined to build his business and to build it successfully.

After intense research, Paul connected with an individual who had 60 years of experience in formulating pet food. With his guidance and expertise, Paul developed the Paul’s Pet Food products, known today as Nature’s Select Pet Food. He worked out of his home in Placentia, California, and did everything by hand without the thing we all know and love (and depend on) today - the internet!

In the beginning, Paul would deliver the pet food himself using just 1 delivery van covering the local Orange County areas. Customers were given delivery days based on their city, and received a magnet saying "Your delivery day is Thursday" so if you ran out of pet food, you needed to wait until your delivery day to receive your order! But back then, there was no Amazon, no Chewy, and no overnight delivery service for pet food, and people loved the free home delivery aspect of the business.

Nature’s Select formulas were made with the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates from all natural foods. These are all designed and produced to meet the health and nutrition needs of most household pets with no chemical preservatives, by-products or artificial ingredients. Paul’s Pet Food was dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest quality product possible, just like Nature’s Select still is to this day.

The next challenge for Paul was to create a delivery operation and marketing system that would allow him to efficiently distribute his products to consumers in the local market while also earning a fair profit. In the first year alone, Paul’s Pet Food experienced 60% growth- an amazing feat for any business, especially a family-owned small business. By having a booth & giving away free samples of dog food at the Orange County Swap Meet every weekend in Costa Mesa, CA, Paul was able to not only connect personally with pet owners but gain new customers almost instantly. A healthy pet food delivered to your door? That was unheard of in the 90s and something that pet owners were eager to jump on board with!

Over time, the company continued to grow through a network of local Nature's Select Distributors. How? Orange County locals, who were loyal Nature's Select/Paul's Pet Food customers would move out of state only to find there was no way of purchasing the pet food they knew and loved in their local areas, so they would reach out to Paul asking if they could represent the business in their new town. After time a couple grew to almost 30 distributors across the country, allowing the brand to gain momentum through personalized service, local delivery, and continued excellence and growth.

Paul would eventually find a new manufacturer in Texas who would be able to improve our recipes and increase production to ensure that our network of Nature's Select Distributors would be able to receive fresh pet food more often, and in turn allow them to provide our customers the freshest product of the highest quality. 

In fact, we were their very first customer and remain one of their biggest as they have experienced growth since opening in 2008. Just check out how much their facility has grown and improved!

Nature’s Select is always evolving and constantly adapting to the changing markets, consumer buying trends, technology and to the needs of our customers. As the years go by, Nature’s Select continues to grow with our customers and accomodate the needs and wants of both the pet owner and the pet. As we look ahead to the future, we hope to continue serving you the absolute BEST to our ability by extending our product line, just as we have done in the past few years by growing from just dry dog food and cat food, to also introduce the addition of grain-free products, canned food items, dog chews & treats, and most recently freeze dried products that we launched last fall.

All of us here at Nature's Select Pet Food are proud to continue to serve you and your pets with personalized customer service, quality products, and ensure your satisfaction. We have been honored to serve pet lovers over the past 26 years, and hope to continue to do so now and in the future! We are so happy to continue to provide quality pet food to pets across the nation and deliver the freshest pet food possible to all of the dogs and cats out there.

Cheers to the future of our family-owned business as we enter the new decade & beyond!


Your Nature's Select Family